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Firing Line provides firearms (PAL) training in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas. That's just where we start! We are a licensed distributor for: The Bullet Shop Ammunition, Red Star Targets, ProEars Hearing Protection, J Dewey cleaning products, Lee Precision reloading equipment, Gracie gun maintenance tools, defense aerosols, and wildlife protection products.

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Canadian Waterfowlers Pro Shop

Are you the "outdoors" person who waits all all winter just to see the birds moving north and then spends your summer season planning to catch up to them on the flipside when the temperature begins... Read More... Canadian Waterfowlers Pro Shop Logo,

Canadian firearms safety course.(PAL) & (RPAL) Student manual.

Some of our earliest clients had mentioned that they would like the option to do some reading up on the course information beforehand . We decided to make that happen by posting up access to the... Read More...

What is the Minimum legal age to obtain a Canada PAL?. (Non-Restricted Youth PAL)

Here at FIRINGLINE we get lot's of questions and see lot's of online discussion about many firearms (PAL) related Topics. Here's an FYI on a very often asked question. This information was extracted... Read More...