Off the job safety training incentive!. Please read this.

Fort Mcmurray and the surrounding area is A unique part of the world and our oilsands industry is unlike any other!. When you invent & develop an "industry" like oilsands mining, then? add in refining & distribution?, safety MUST be the core off ALL that we do. Some employers go beyond the jobsite & take safety even further. Some local employers offer "of the job" safety training incentives to their employees and their families.
At firingline safety is the fundamental reason why we started doing firearms training to begin with & that will never change. Firearms "safety training" says it all really. Many local employer's put safety first and they are willing to back up this view and safety culture by supporting their employee's both on and off the job. If you are considering taking firearms safety training with Firingline?, please ask us about details for off the job safety training. Firingline and your employer may have some great incentives and reimbursement opportunities for you!.
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