Authorization to transport (ATT) Discussion.

We at Firingline get many questions sent to us and we are happy to try and help. Recently we ran into a simple question that also has a simple answer. Do I need to purchase a range membership at the nearest CFO approved range to my residence?.
Simple answer is: NO. You can hold membership at any CFO approved range. You can also hold membership at several ranges. It's not about which range near or distant, indoor or outdoor. You MUST have a valid range membership at A CFO approved range so it's your choice. Speaking of choices? here is a big announcement. Firingline & Phoenix indoor range & gunshop have teamed up to assist you with all your ATT needs & Phoenix is also a full service gunshop. You can purchase a CFO approved membership now online. Just visit Call or visit them today. Please see the attached PDF. Your welcome!
Shoot straight & safe!
The Firingline team