Wondering about the purchase of a range membership to keep your ATT (Authorization to transport) permit current & active?. Well we have the lowest cost option in Alberta for you!. Also a great Christmas gift for the one who needs a range membership to keep their ATT current / active for the best price in the province!.
Get in touch with Phoenix indoor range & Gunshop today. Len Kucey owns Phoenix indoor range & Gunshop in Edmonton.
Leonard & I have been friends, competitive shooters & firearms enthusiasts for many years.
I met Len back in the late 90's when I was looking for a change in hobbies & Len suggested that I consider IPSC seeing as I have a heavy lean towards firearms. I began a competitive shooting career & friendship with Len @ the same time. Len took the time to coach me as a novice pistol shooter & I am thankful for his time that he donated to bring my shooting skills to a whole new level. The CFO started jacking around with rules regarding ATT'S a couple years back & it affected his business directly. So Len being the proactive & clever fellow that he is,Len figured out a way to get back on target with gun sales.
He took the time to develop an "associate" membership for his indoor range & Gunshop. It is fully approved by the Alberta CFO & it was available to local Edmonton residents & now the "associate membership" is available online to ALL Albertans. Just visit & you can purchase an associate membership online to keep your ATT current for only $100. Also anytime you visit the indoor range you can bring your own guns / ammo and get a day user pass for 20% less than a walk in. This means if you visit 10 times in a year? you essentially paid nothing for your membership.
The "local" range jacked up the membership price from $200 in 2018 to $250 for 2019 due to poor management. I hear that they are going to raise the rates again... With lack of leadership & poor management I can see why. You should not have to pay higher prices for someone else's bad decisions. Most people either just assume that they have to purchase a range membership locally or perhaps they might be told that they have to buy a membership to the "closest" range to keep your ATT. All we can say is that's NOT the case. At Firingline we are here to help you. Just like my friend Leonard @ Phoenix. If you have questions about the purchase of an associate membership call Phoenix indoor range & Gunshop today.
Here are the details:
4706-76th Ave Edmonton Alberta. T6E-0A3
Phone:(780)466-0307 & speak with anyone on the counter today for direct assistance or visit
Sheldon. M
The Phoenix & Firingline team.