Wondering about the purchase of a range membership to keep your ATT (Authorization to transport) permit current & active?. We Phoenix gunshop has the lowest cost option in Alberta for you!. Also a great Christmas gift for the one who needs a range membership to keep their ATT current / active for the best price in the province!.
Get in touch with Phoenix indoor range & Gunshop today. Len Kucey owns Phoenix indoor range & Gunshop in Edmonton.
Leonard & I have been friends, competitive shooters & firearms enthusiasts for many years.
I met Len back in the late 90's when I was looking for a change in hobbies & Len suggested that I consider IPSC seeing as I have a heavy lean towards firearms. I began a competitive shooting career & friendship with Len @ the same time. Len took the time to coach me as a novice pistol shooter & I am thankful for his time that he donated to bring my shooting skills to a whole new level. The CFO started jacking around with rules regarding ATT'S a couple of years back & it affected his business directly. So Len being the proactive & clever fellow that he is, Len figured out a way to get back on target with gun sales.
He took the time to develop an "associate" membership for his indoor range & Gunshop. It is fully approved by the Alberta CFO & it was available to local Edmonton residents & now the "associate membership" is available online to ALL Albertans. Just visit & you can purchase an associate membership online to keep your ATT current for only $100. Also anytime you visit the indoor range you can bring your own guns/ammo and get a day user pass for 20% less than a walk-in. If you visit 10 times in a year? you essentially paid nothing for your membership.
At Firingline we are here to help you. Just like my friend Leonard @ Phoenix. If you have questions about the purchase of an associate membership call Phoenix indoor range & Gunshop today.
Here are the details:
4706-76th Ave Edmonton Alberta. T6E-0A3
Phone:(780)466-0307 & speak with anyone on the counter today for direct assistance or visit
Sheldon. M
The Phoenix & Firingline team.