About Us

Who We are

Firing Line Ltd. was founded by a firearms enthusiast who has spent a lifetime on the range and in the field as an avid hunter and competitive shooter. Sheldon along with a group of like-minded friends who have also been involved in firearms ownership collectively teamed up and Firing Line Consulting Ltd. was created. From military, hunting, to target shooting and everything in between. Through history, experience, and observation in the firearms training field a fundamental and troubling flaw was revealed. This deficiency was clearly apparent on the range and in the field and throughout all classes of firearms ownership. Once we made this connection it became our goal to correct it. Our group recognized that there was a very large and fundamental deficiency in two key areas of firearms ownership; the access to local basic firearms training and more importantly the quality of firearms training in the Fort McMurray area. Here at Firing Line Ltd. we are setting out to change these two concerns and raise the firearms training standard.

Our Commitment:
To provide top quality firearms training in Fort McMurray and the surrounding area and to provide support to our clients in all the basic aspects relating to firearms. From training to licensing, private coaching and lessons.
This is just where we start.

We set out to correct the discovered training deficiency by not offering just a basic minimum firearms training course, but rather to offer training that exceeds the industry standard and set the standard for others to try and follow. We simply found many people were not getting the level of training they should receive and by having little or no experience not knowing any different. The Firing Line team noticed this training difference from many collective years of experience. The problems were obvious and the correction was clear. Improving these two simple aspects of offering quality local training became the essential formation of Firing Line Consulting Ltd. Our vision developed to provide beginners with proper safety knowledge and progressive information in the field of firearms as our clients progress. Firing Line was not stopping there, That's just where we were getting started!

Our Mission:
The Firing Line team believes in safety first. Our aim is to provide newcomers with the most comprehensive entry-level and advanced firearms training. We offer more than just the minimal training required to get your firearms (PAL) license. We cover all the relevant topics in a very detailed and precise course. We do so by giving you a rock solid and broad knowledge base in all areas of firearms safety and ownership. We believe we are offering the best training in the industry. We are confident our clients will gain the required knowledge in firearms ownership and enhance their skills on the range and in the field weather it's hunting or the shooting sports. Firing Line is fully equipped and able to supply a safe and secure environment with experienced staff to help along the way. Whether you’re in the field or on the range, Firing Line has the knowledge and experience to get you started off safely and assist you as you progress. Our team consists of fully trained as PAL instructors, range safety officers, and hunter education instructors. We have a comprehensive background of firearms experience from military, hunting, competitive target shooting sports from IPSC handgun to biathlon, coaching, maintenance, reloading. We also have many other products and services as well.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us anytime and we will be happy to assist you. Join the Firing Line Consulting Ltd. client list today!

“Shoot safe and straight”.


The Firing Line Consulting Ltd. Team