About Us

Who We are

Firingline was founded by a firearms enthusiast who has spent a lifetime on the range and in the field as an avid hunter and competitive shooter. Sheldon along with a group of like-minded friends have been involved in many areas of the firearms industry from hunting, competitive shooting, Firearms safety training and volunteered for many years to manage the local shooting range. From that start they collectively teamed up and Firingline Consulting Ltd. was created. Our list of students has grown and now so has Firingline!. Please read on.

Through history, experience, and observation in the firearms feild a fundamental and troubling flaw was revealed. The access to local basic firearms training and more importantly the issue of poor quality firearms training throughout the industry & in particular in our home, the Fort McMurray area. This deficiency was clearly apparent on the range and in the field and throughout all classes of firearms ownership. It became our goal to correct this substandard training issue and raise the firearms safety training standard and get people started off right!. Thankfully there is no provision for persons to challenge the Firearms safety course any longer, However Firingline has never done challenges, We have always offered the complete course only. Your safety has always been our main goal and our core value. We have always believed that putting our bank account first and offering you poor training was just plain WRONG.

Our Commitment:
To provide top quality firearms safety training in Fort McMurray and the surrounding area. Also to provide continuous support to our clients and all firearms owners in all aspects relating to firearms ownership.
From training to licensing, private coaching and lessons and beyond.

Firingline was not stopping there, This is just where we started!.
Along with our past students and with the other local firearms owners we are now expanding to carry a full line of top brand range products such as ammunition and other firearms related items such as cleaning and maintenance supplies. However that's not all.
We are also carrying a full line of reloading equipment and supplies from Lee precision, Hodgdon powders and many more. View our products page and feel free to request any item as we have access to thousands of items from our central Alberta warehouse. Thanks to everyone who have made Firingline number one in the field of Firearms safety training and allowing us to expand to better serve all the firearms owners in the area with all your shooting needs.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us anytime and we will be happy to assist you. Join the Firing Line Consulting Ltd. client list today!. A BIG Thanks to y'all for making Firingline a success. After all it is simple...Our success started with your success first!.

“Shoot safe and straight”.


The Firingline Team.