We are always getting questions about ammunition so let's take a few minutes to answer a few quick questions to help get you some quick answers.

Question 1: Does Firingline sell ammunition? Answer is YES. To any person who is possession of a valid PAL.
Must have the physical card not a picture please. Also, (Must Not be expired)
Question 2: Does Firingline sell bulk, high volume, or cases of ammunition? Answer is YES.
Question 3: Does Firingline sell different types of ammunition?. YES. Firingline sells ammunition Rifle, Pistol, shotgun & Rimfire ammo.
Question 4: Does Firingline sell large or "bulk" quantities of ammunition? Answer is YES. We sell from the factory boxes to the factory cases in all types of ammunition. Sometimes bulk ammunition can be offered by manufactures in nonstandard packaging for the purpose of moving larger volumes of product. Please view our product page / Limited time offers & our sales category for "special" bulk ammo deals.
Question 4: how do I contact Firingline about the purchase of ammunition?. Answer: Email us @
Question 5: How else can I contact Firingline? Answer: Call / text Sheldon @ (780) 742-4756 for all your ammunition questions. Please leave a voicemail or pleas feel free to text for a quick question so I can answer you faster!
We will be posting a more detailed article soon to answer some other more specific questions on the manufactures, Calibers, bullet weights, accuracy, transportation, storage, disposal, & reloading.
Also look for upcoming articles containing information on topics such as: If I am looking to get a PAL & start shooting or if you you are new to shooting? which caliber & bullet weight is best for you. We will also be breaking things down from Rifle, Pistol/Revolver to shotgun shooting & explore both hunting & target shooting so we can help you get what you need & at the best price possible too!.
Check back soon.... And if you have any questions please Email Sheldon direct @
We look forward to assisting you with all your shooting needs.
Thanks. The Firingline team (780) 742-4756. PAL/FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR & SALES. (780) 838-4957. RELOADING/MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTOR & SALES. (780) 714-0664. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION & SALES.