The above link will take you to the house of commons e-petition regarding latest ridiculous Liberal driven gun ban.
To put things simply the criminals in this country mainly shoot at other criminals in the drug trade & in a few other minor cases. Criminals we always be criminals. They will acquire firearms by any means possible regardless of any laws that are now on the books or any new ones that are created. The problem with liberals is that they know many things that are not so. The only people who will benefit from more gun laws & bans are actually the criminals. If I do try to explain it any further here the regime will cut / paste from here, go to another Liberal judge, & most likely be granted a seizure warrant too! That's already being under enough government control is it not? That's the fault of the Liberals. Yet the criminals in this country are just laughing. Sadly We have to pay for the Liberal's lunatic policy's NOT the criminals, That's really the disgusting part. Hey Liberals? just an FYI firearm carrying criminals don't file tax returns either...Lol. Funny how that's NOT a concern though? The liberal ideology is sick, twisted & demented to say the least & only can make sense to the Liberal mind.
For those of you who do understand & know better please visit & sing up today.