Bear spray/wildlife deterrent/ holster

Defence aerosols

This 225 Gram pressurized can contains the strongest concentration of capsaicin available on the Canadian market.
This product is intended as a last resort defense against a wildlife encounter with an aggressive bear.
This product is NOT intended to be used for any other purpose against persons or domestic animals.
It is strongly recommended that anyone whom chooses to carry such a product should seek basic wildlife(bear) awareness training. All handling, storage and usage instructions and precautions on the manufactures label
should be strictly followed.
Note: Persons MUST be 18+ to purchase this product. Photo ID will be required.
MSDS sheets are also supplied with each purchase. For information and purchasing options please contact Sheldon direct anytime.
Call or Text direct @ (780) 742-4756

225 Gr. Can / Holster
225 Gr. Can in holster

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