Sunday, 2020, February 2 - 8:00am to 2:00pm
Sunday, 2020, February 23 - 8:00am to 2:00pm
This course will cover all the Federal requirements to submit your application to apply for a Restricted PAL. Average Read More...

The Canadian restricted firearms safety(RPAL)course. The average class time is 6 hours the practical exam will take each student 10-15 minutes each.
We cover all the required information to successfully complete both the 50 question multiple choice test. You require a written test score of 80% to qualify to take the practical test. You require 80% on your piratical test to complete the course.
This will permit you to submit your application to the Canadian firearms program to obtain you Canada RPAL. Once the processing site receives your application there is a mandatory 45 day waiting period before processing begins. The average processing time to get your RPAL is 10 weeks from the time your application is received. Please note that the course is available to persons 18+ & have a non restricted Canada PAL or have successfully passed the non restricted PAL course.
Youth students who successfully complete the non restricted course can also sit through the restricted class with a parent or guardian who is taking the RPAL as a safety class. Youth members will still need to take the class/test to apply for an RPAL when they turn 18.