UPDATE: Course payment options. All PAL course fees are GST Included.

When singing up for a PAL or RPAL class you can prepay with a credit card through Paypal.(No Paypal account actually required). It's not a requirement to prepay but some people like the option. However once you register online your seat is booked unless you call/text or email us to cancel your spot. Please note that if you can't make it & you need to reschedule just let us know asap so we can take someone off our waitlist to fill your spot.
If you click on other just put a note of which payment type you will use & that you will pay upon arrival. You can use credit, debit, or cash when you arrive for class.
This will help us get people signed in quicker on the day of the course.
Please note: Course prices are GST Included. PAL application fees are subject to GST.
Please note this on your PAL application instruction sheet.
Non Restricted: $250
Restricted: $125
Youth rate: $125.(Applies to youth students who are signed up with an adult)