Youth PAL (12 years & up).$125 Gst Inc. (Must be taking class with an adult)

The Canadian firearms program allows for youth members to apply for a youth firearms license once they are a minimum of 12 years old and with parental permission. They must take the same written and practical test as adults. Once the youth does successfully pass the course they are then eligible to apply for a youth PAL.
The youth PAL was developed primarily for hunting purposes so the youths would not have to remain within arms length of an adult with a PAL to legally discharge a firearm. The best part of this youth PAL program is once a youth reaches 18 years old they simply just reapply for a regular adult PAL (non-restricted).They DO NOT have to take the course or the test again!!!. Upon turning 18 they Just submit a regular Canada PAL application with the applicable fees and just send it in. It's that simple.
Many people have been given incorrect information regarding this topic. As a result the youth member ends up taking the same Canadian firearm safety course again when they turn 18 & pay for it twice. Not only is the information incorrect it is an absolute ripoff scam. Do not fall victim to this scam. DO NOT pay for it twice. That's just not right. I believe that most instructors know this to be the case but they would rather just take the opportunity to make a cash grab & that really shows what their true interest really is!. At firingline we are promoting firearm safety for people of all ages. Our special youth training rate applies to youth between the ages of 12 and 18 who are taking a class with a parent or legal guardian. Also we must receive a youth booking request 14 days prior to the person turning 18 to be able to offer the youth discount to anyone who may be scheduled to take the course after they turn 18. The offer will then stand for 90 days after the youth turns 18. We do this to manage the schedule of the students and us here at firingline to ensure that every person has time to fit into one of our classes.
More good news...Recent changes to the Canadian firearm safety course instructor guidelines also now permit youth members to take part in the restricted firearms safety course with their parents or legal guardian as an FYI session and it's great preparation for them. They MUST however first pass the non restricted course as a "youth" to qualify / sit in on the restricted course with a parent/legal guardian. Once they turn 18 they can then apply for a regular adult PAL & then take the Canadian restricted firearms safety course. They then reapply for a non restricted PAL & a restricted PAL as well. To apply for both a non restricted and a restricted PAL when they turn 18 will save the student $40 in government processing fees as well. At Firingline we believe that allowing youth to attend the restricted firearms safety course with their parents after passing the non restricted course is a great step in basic firearms education. For those of you who have restricted firearms and children or are considering getting into restricted firearms ownership?, This is on of the most proactive common sense decisions made by the government since the Canadian firearms programs inception.(1995). This provision does NOT permit youth to sit in on the restricted course unless an adult /guardian is registered & is actually taking the restricted pal course. Please see our post on recent changes regarding youth and the Canadian restricted firearm safety course for more details.
Please feel free to call or email us at anytime for further discussion or if you have any questions on this topic or any topic firearms related. We are here to assist you.
Thanks. "Shoot safe and straight".
The firing line team.