Rifle ammunition


Firing line now stocks a full line of Winchester ammunition.
The current stock includes the following calibers.
.243 cal.
.270 cal.
30-06 cal.
.300 win mag.
.7mm win mag
Other calibers also available, Please ask for details.
For information and purchasing options please contact Sheldon direct anytime.
Call or Text direct @ (780) 742-4756

This 5.56mm or 5.56(nato) cartridge offers a reliable, accurate & clean burning option above and beyond bulk "surplus" / Mil spec ammo. Clean easy packages of 20 rounds. Non corrosive and safe to operate in any 5.56mm or 2.223 chamber in both bolt action or semi auto firearms. Bulk quantities are also available.

Send your pre-order to sales.firingline@gmail.com