Michelle Rempel, a member of parliament(MP)in Ottawa representing Calgary, Alberta made the comment today in an e-mailed statement to
Rempel, a shooter, said she will present a petition she sponsored to the House of Commons today calling on the Liberal Party government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to stop Bill C-71 and other bans.
Office of Hon. Michelle Rempel P.C., M.P.

Our local MP David Yurdega (Ft Mac / Cold lake) Is PAL holder & a property owner here in Alberta. Tel: 613-992-1154
I have spoke with him in the past on the law abiding firearms owners and he does support the legal and responsible ownership of firearms. With a constant attack on us from radical left wing liberals & their socialist ideology they will continue to try to do all they can to register, regulate and round up our firearms. A complete ban on ownership is the intent of the liberals. I understand that sometimes voting is a pain in the butt, seemingly pointless and just don't seem to "work" for us but I can say that Michelle has spoken loud and clear for us here in Alberta and for conservatives all across Canada. Please consider calling her office or Emailing her to show your support. Michelle can't do it without us & We can't do it without her. Shes' going right to the top for us, so let's be darn sure that we go there with her!. Please read the word doc attached here that she put out on social media and sent it to the
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